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Market Opportunity Research, Social Listening, Consumer Research, E-commerce Data Analysis, Analysis of Category Trends, Market Entry Strategy

The development of a step-by-step market entry strategy that covers both online and offline activation.


As an Australian hand-made Vodka brand, Grainshaker is made from grains that are packed with character. RedFern Digital worked with Grainshaker to determine the brand’s China market opportunity and method of entry when it comes to the vodka category.


RedFern conducted a research project, identifying the opportunities present in the vodka category within the larger alcohol category in China. In order to understand consumer sentiment, we used social listening to look at the top considerations that consumers have before they purchase and what associations consumers hold towards specific spirit categories. Data analysis was conducted to determine the geographic and demographic distribution of consumers of vodka within China and the popular features consumers look for when purchasing this type of alcohol. The result of the research project was the development of a step-by-step market entry strategy that covered both online and offline activation.