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China Digital Strategy & Execution, Owned Media and Paid Media Management, KOL Collaborations, Creative Design


Hive + Wellness is Australia owned and operated for over 65 years, and is committed to fostering innovation and ensuring quality in bee products, along with protecting the Australian apiculture industry. Hive + Wellness wanted a digital agency that could support the honey brands in their portfolio on their China market expansion journey.


RedFern Digital worked with three honey brands under Hive + Wellness: Barnes Naturals, Capilano Honey, and Beeotic. For each of the three brands, RedFern assigned a different team to conduct market research, competitive analysis, and consumer studies, with the aim of determining the key audience for the individual brands. We also developed campaigns and helped to create distinctive, localized branding, key visuals, and landing pages for each honey brand, working closely with the creative team to bring out their individual unique selling points.

RedFern helped the brands to collaborate with KOLs that best fit with each brand in order to conduct livestreaming or other promotional activity across a number of different platforms. For Capilano and Barnes Naturals, our teams worked with the brands to create campaign guideline books for future use.