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SUNNEI is a thriving Italian fashionwear brand hailing from Milan, Italy that is heavily influenced by the contemporary and creating synergy between people and situations. Sunnei engaged RedFern Digital to support the brand with a China market research and strategy project, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the fashion category in China and of the market opportunity.


The objective of the project was to help SUNNEI gain an understanding of the China market opportunity. RedFern Digital assisted the brand by researching how it should position itself in the market, how it can select key hero products to launch, and how the brand can build a deeper awareness of the entire fashion category in China, both in terms of competitors and consumers.

RedFern engaged several high-level key opinion leaders across the fashion category to understand product perception, pricing points, hero products for market and overall positioning needed for China. Following this, focus group discussions were conducted to obtain direct consumer feedback on product ranges, with a focus on design, style, material, and pricing. A further outcome of the research was a market strategy and E-commerce launch plan for the brand into China.